REVIEWS: Invitation
Review by By Chris & the Review Team.

"Invitation" is an excellent contemporary Latin jazz album from Jeff Jones and Mosaic.

Jones, the leader of the group, is a saxophonist by trade and adds a smooth jazz element to the Latin jazz feel. His backing band, Mosaic, is incredible, tight and each member is held in high esteem in the Latin jazz circuit of the Southwest.

Mosaic brings their wonderful talents on piano, flute, bass, and drums. Each member gets their solo opportunity, their time to lead the band and they all shine in their roles.

"Invitation" is full of unselfish, improvisational and fun tracks. The underlying Latin feel of each song will give even the most unlikely of characters the urge to dance.

The record is polished and crisp, with each note from each instrument sounding firm, compelling, and excellent. "Morning" opens things up with that classic and danceable Latin jazz sound with great piano and flute lines that gives you a feel for the entire album. "Favela" has a great layering of sounds with the Latin-infused piano, drum and flute, pauses a moment for a great drum solo, then picks up right where it left off.

With "Invitation," Jeff Jones and Mosaic have created a great collaborative album full of Latin flare and intense solos from every instrument in the same vein of predecessors Tito Puente and Cal Tjader. Any fan of contemporary Latin jazz or, simply, any jazz fan, should add "Invitation" to their collection.

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